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  Imagine that you attend a recital of an orchestra. The melodious symphony comes from the collective resonance of all units. Each instrument has a specific task; The aim is to have them collectively to be able to produce a lovely music. Integrated advertising and marketing communication is comparable, advertising and marketing may be your violin, your social networks of your piano, public family members of your trumpet, and many others.   smarttechnofy Integrated advertising communications (BMIs) are defined as the process of employer, making plans and tracking of components and advertising data to manipulate and impact the brand information, institutions and revel in. This entails the coordination and integration of all advertising tools into a unmarried software that takes benefit of the effect on cease-users and at the least prices. The benefits of BMI. BMS is indispensable for B2C and B2B groups. Integrated conversation objectives to increase and preserve a healthy mutual

Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to bring a third size option

 Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to bring a third size option

Screen analyst Ross Young used his Twitter profile to reveal something surprising for Apple's next smartwatch. According to his testimony, the Apple Watch Series 8 will be sold in boxes with three different dimensions.  howtoincreasedomainauthority

The news is given following an inquiry from their followers. Indeed, the analyst wanted to know if those following him would like to see the next Apple Watch with a bigger screen than the current offering.

Apple Watch Series 8 may have an even bigger screen

Unfortunately, Young doesn't share more information about the new case for the Apple Watch Series 8. He just says that there will be three options for the consumer to choose when it's time to purchase the next generation of Apple's smart watch.

But from what he says, it is expected that it will be a larger option than those currently available. In fact, it will be superior to the 45mm available for the Apple Watch Series 7.

Though precocious, there are some rumors that Apple may release a robust Apple Watch. A product aimed at more demanding users who like to take their smartwatch to harsh environments.

The third option that Ross Young reveals could be precisely this robust model. Due to the added strength it will provide, it's not surprising that Apple has to increase the size of the product's box.

However, it is still too early to fully confirm in all the rumors that arise about the Apple Watch Seires 8. With a year in advance of its presentation, a lot can still change in the American's plans.

Meanwhile, the Apple Watch Series 7 is ready to hit the market. It will be next Friday that fans will be able to find this watch in specialty stores or receive it at home if they have pre-purchased.

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